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Who am I?

Born and raised in Jerusalem Isreal, I have a B.a in Product design and M.a in HCI I have a great love for learning new things, curiosity is my biggest talent. I’m what you call a designtist a combination of designer and scientist, I'm a creative and data-driven guy. I take ideas and turning them into products.

In my free time, I enjoy electronics, cinema, cooking, the outdoors, and taking online courses. I'm always on the look for new adventures, new products, and new technologies.

What is an HCI and UX product you ask?

Well, it's a combination of design, psychology, and technology. I help people and companies find user needs, usability issues, plan design and execute products and features that users really need and love.

Do you need me to find a problem waiting to be solved? Do you need me to create a solution for for a problem?

Hello world